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Lizzie Mackenzie

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I’m going to tell you a secret…

I struggled with maths when I was at school.

So I chose a degree (English Literature) that I was confident wouldn’t cross paths with needing to do any maths.

I even pursued  the bright lights (+ hellish commute) of London + a career in publishing. It didn’t work out. (Although, I do still LOVE writing + do some freelance writing on the side.) 

But having caught the teaching bug when I taught Environmental Education in the US, I couldn’t ignore that teaching was what I wanted to do.

Problem was, I knew as a teacher I would have to teach maths everyday. But how could I possibly do that if I was no good at maths?

So to test the water, I took a Teaching Assistant job at a nursery + infant school. It didn’t take long before I knew 100% that I’d found my job for life! I needed to train as a teacher. 

It was time to get over my fear of maths. Time to take courses, read ALL the books, go to night school – whatever I needed to do.

After all, I wasn’t very good at maths.

I didn’t GET algebra at secondary school, I couldn’t work out maths questions faster than the speed of light + I needed a moment to answer some times table questions. (7×8, I’m talking about you!)

Turns out, I didn’t need to do any of the extra learning.

Working in a school where children were being taught maths for the first time + observing teachers teaching children right at the beginning of their maths learning journey I had a light bulb moment…

I’m NOT bad at maths! I just wasn’t taught in a way that helped me to understand HOW to do maths. 

The way maths was taught when us parents were at school was geared towards the mathematicians (those children that naturally had a strength with learning maths). Not us – the ones who needed a little more help + guidance. 

I can imagine, as you’ve found yourself here, you are likely to be in the same position I was in. But, I’m here to tell you…

You actually aren’t bad at maths. You just weren’t taught in a way that helped you to understand how to do it. 

But what does this mean for you?

You may now have had your own lightbulb moment, but that still doesn’t mean you feel confident about helping your child learn their times tables or use the method they’re using for adding numbers together in Year 4, for example.

The solution is having a qualified teacher to hand. A teacher who:

  • You can ask for help with a question in your child’s maths homework that you’re not sure how to tackle
  • Can teach you the methods that your child uses at school to add, subtract, multiply + divide
  • Can tell you exactly how to teach + support your child with the learning of their times tables or the mental maths they need to be practising or how the heck to help them with fractions
  • Can work with you one-to-one on the specific concerns you have about making maths learning at home successful
  • Can work with your child one-to-one to support them with their maths learning + give them the confidence they need to be an amazing mathematician at school.

And that teacher is me – Lizzie.

I really do understand that feeling of rising panic that past experiences of maths learning brings + how it can be a massive barrier to the maths learning that happens at home with your child.

My years of experience as a teacher, tutor + parent means I know:

  • Which areas of the maths curriculum to focus on at home, to set your child up for maths success at school
  • How to teach those areas to YOU in a way that makes sense
  • Those feelings of apprehension around maths learning will be a thing of the past.

If you think I’m the teacher for you, offering the help you need, click here to find out more about us working together.

Here’s to your happiness + confidence when it comes to maths learning at home with your child!

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